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We like to think of the Zinc Bistro and Bar is somewhere truly special that you can come to enjoy delicious and creative cuisine. Our dishes are fresh and innovative, with a Mediterranean vibe which is thanks in part to our trip to Spain. We toured the Spanish coast and discovered delicious seafood, fresh tastes and rustic dishes. Our Sous chef Laura spent three years travelling the med herself, working in some illustrious restaurants in the southern coast of Spain, Ibiza, Croatia and a stint as a service chef in the illustrious Qawra Palace Hotel Malta.

These tastes can be seen in evidence at our bistro.

When it came to the interior decor of the Zinc Bistro and Bar however, we decided to go for a sleek, chic and modern look. From the black wooden flooring, to the chrome radiators and the light fittings we wanted everything to look cool and calm, and we’re pretty certain we’ve achieved this, giving just the right atmosphere.

So if you need somewhere perfect for an unforgettable meal, then look no further than us here at Zinc Bistro and Bar. With the incredible service provided by our staff, to the tempting dishes on our menu, you will be sure to keep on returning to have the same lovely experience again.

We would like to thank Gazelle for giving us the chance to help the environment, by supplying us with second hand furniture at a very reasonable price. Second hand chairs, is what our restaurant uses, which are refurbished and make acceptable for use. For more information visit: