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Function Suite Refurbishment

As part of our continuing efforts to bring you the most sophisticated fine dining experience we are currently refurbishing the restaurant’s function suite. As always we have spared no expense and have sought the services of a well-established and professional firm who specialise in restaurant fit-outs and refurbishments.

In order to insure our guests ding experience remains unaffected, construction work to the area will only take place outside of the restaurant’s serving hours. We expect this work shall be complete in the coming month after which we will return to our maximum capacity and function service.

***Update March 2016***

Please note that due to recent weather issues, we will also be closing down our veranda over Easter of 2016. Due to an unfortunate flood, the outdoor kitchen facilities have had to be shut down as we cannot serve fresh and prepared foods without having our cleaning facilities fully operational. We are awaiting some special potterton boiler parts from the United Kingdom And expect to be ready before Memorial Day Weekend for our 3rd annual Chilli Off!

***Update August 2016***
Big news coming soon about our move into Europe.
That’s right, pretty soon you will be able to dine at the brand new Zinc Bistro & Bar in London!
We will be located close to Marylebone Station in central London and our new neighbours will include the LOC who are the worlds leading Oncology specialists so any questions you might have like ‘What is Oncology?’ ‘what is kaposis sarcoma?’ or where abouts in London are you? Just head over to their site for more details.
We will be bringing you regular updates but at the moment we are hoping for a summer 2017 opening.